People want to be informed.
People want to have a say.

You inform and communicate.

We provide the online-platform.

More participants | More ideas | Better solutions
Plan your budget together for your city | university | firm | union.

Ask. Write an email:

actitivate | inform

In 1 month activate many,
inform coherently.

propose | vote

In 1 month collecting proposals
and prioritizing.

realize | evaluate

In 1 month explaining,
why realize what, when.


Connecting people, administrations & politics
Consulting | Implementing | Evaluating

Active since 2006

We at buergerwissen have supervised more than 20 PB processes since 2006.

Innovative Multi-Skilled Team

We are combining expertise in public participation, programming, and web design.

Customized Solutions

We develop with you an optimized solution which fits your requirements.

Six Elements

... of your optimal participatory budget plan.

Use simple language

Translate your plans, underline importants - online | print.

Collecting proposals | voting

Due to participation all will learn. Ideas emerge. Ideas alter.

Representatives decides

Management checks technical. Elected Politicians decides.

Reports as pdf on-the-fly

...produce results without media disruption - print | online

Functions for the administration

... our platform minimizes your overhead

Online | Paper | Locally

... we import all data into the online-platform.

Our successes

We show you, how to reach more with the people, for the people.

  • Stuttgart 2015 | 2013 | 2011

    37.000 participants | 3.000.000 votes

    Nowhere more were active. Nowhere participants were more active! Nowhere the numbers of active persons grow year by year. Use our experiences for your participatory budgeting.

  • 400 proposals were made by 60.000 inhabitants. Including a lot of savings suggestions and innovative ideas.

  • Trier since 2009

    Trier uses an integrated platform for online-participation. Over the whole year one can give proposals. Budget relevant ideas will be discissed during the participatory budgeting process. In 2009 we were the first using Drupal as participation platform in germany. The platform won a BIENE award on accessibility.

  • Online-Dialogues are successful in smaller cities. 67,783 votes, 944 comments, 306 proposals and 712 participants of 70,000 inhabitants are a great success.

  • Our
    Your Success!

Haushalt gemeinsam planen

Menschen wollen heute einbezogen werden - ob online, vor Ort oder auf Papier. Informieren Sie transparent über Ihre Pläne. Sammeln Sie Anregungen. Lernen Sie die Präferenzen der Menschen kennen, die Sie vertreten. Wir beraten Sie kompetent und effizient.

In Nordrhein-Westfalen und Rheinland-Pfalz müssen die Betroffenen sogar beteiligt werden. Wir zeigen Ihnen, wie alle etwas davon haben. Drei Verfahren können unteschieden werden:

1. Alle Bürgerhaushalte umfassen:
informieren | vorschlagen | bewerten

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